Local Data ware house

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Another way of having the Data Recovery management is to have a database server installed locally so that it serves for the pose of having the backup of the data stored on the individual system. The for example data xml backup can be performed in a number of ways. The time of having backup is the most important.

Sometimes it is advantageous to have an hourly backup and sometime it is to have backups per second. The lesser the time period of having backup the more secure is our data form crashes

This is because each time we have disk crash then we can efficiently restore our data to the previous point and again start our workings. So data backups provide the useful measures in data recovery.

These localized servers main aim is to backup the data stored on individual system in office and if the system crashes then it restores the system as it was before the crash. But this method of having a data ware house at the backend will cost more and also requires a person to control it efficiently increasing your labor cost. Moreover these data ware house are very much complex in controllability. So many bigger firms who can afford this installs this in their office so as to have a secure work because for  the data is the most precious thing.

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